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bibabox - Sustainability for children

Environment friendly fun

Toys naturally have a limited life, because the interests of your child will change and develop just like your child. Cardboard therefore is the ideal material for toys, because cardboard will also not last forever, but still it is surprisingly robust.

 bibabox products are made from recycled cardboard. If the cardboard toy is not used or interesting anymore, you can simply dispose of it with the waste-paper collection. Our contribution to less plastic waste.

Made in Germany

When selecting our producers, it is important to us that the products are manufactured in our region and do not need to travel around the world first. 

Without production processes in the Far East, we can also guarantee that the people who manufacture our products work under good conditions and for fair pay.

And the best thing about it: With effective planning, we are able to offer our products with a quiet conscience at attractive prices.

CO2 neutral shipping

Our shipping partners DPD and ILOXX ship CO2-neutral. A CO2 calculator determines the amount of emissions produced by each parcel. It takes into consideration both the CO2 value of the shipping itself and of depot operation.

The CO2 emissions are compensated by purchasing emission certificates. Our partner DPD cooperates with the environmental organisation of CDC Climat. The selected environmental projects help to reduce greenhouse gases.

We always try to avoid unnecessary packaging. Our packaging is sourced from direct recycling material. The required paper and cardboard comes from other companies that no longer need it. 


By the way: 

Our finances are handled by GLS Bank; they promote social and ecologically sound banking.