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Creative play

Everything is a toy

We think it is great if everyday objects are used to play with and not just for their intended use. They get a whole new meaning and every child has its own imaginative ideas an adult would never have thought of. 

Hannes for example likes to set up a shop in our corridor where he sells bread rolls with fish. They are made of (freshly laundered!) socks. The fish is caught with a fishing boat set up in the living room, the cardboard house is the cabin. A lot of other things are used for the construction: boxes, ropes, blankets, pots, cushions... Nice chaos that takes up a lot of space, but then again you can put away everything in the evening.

This is why we like toys that leave room for a child's imagination and that are not yet completely finished. Developing and acting out creativity during play encourages self-confidence and trains problem-solving thinking.

With our products we simply want to make suggestions and inspire children and adults alike without strictly defining what they are. A cardboard house may turn into a puppet theatre, a one-room house, a shop, a robber's den or a we-are-excited-to-know-what-else. The dragons hide a dangerous fire dragon just like a glittering pearly dragon for little princesses.

Turn our products into your very own toys! And if the adults don't have any idea what to do with the white cardboard – just ask your children. We are sure they do!

Have fun!